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introducing squads

what is squads?

Squads is a web3 platform that allows fans to connect with their favorite creators by purchasing coins that entitle them to exclusive, personal experiences like 1:1 chats, merch, and behind-the-scenes content.

As a creator’s fan base grows, so too does the value of their coins, further rewarding their fans.


we are building a future where artists get paid for building genuine fan communities and fans get rewarded for supporting artists

how do we profit? 

We take 10% of proceeds from newly minted coins and 2.5% of proceeds from trades. All coins in the Squads app are owned by individual users and majority of earnings in app are made by creators and fans.

artist proceeds

Creators make 90% of the transaction value when fans buy their newly minted coins and 5% when fans trade their coins. They also get an opportunity to connect and give back to their super-fans.


coins are minted based on a bonding curve to supply the right amount based on a creator's popularity. see proposed smart contract here.

art as a patronage model

creators make more money in a more appealing way by connecting directly with super fans instead of running ads

real-life experiences 

fans don't just get additional content, they get to chat directly with creators, meet them in person and have once in a lifetime experiences

accessible for all

non-crypto natives can buy coins using Apple's in-app payments and then discover the importance of decentralization and community ownership over time

our mission: revolutionize the way artists are paid to reward them and their fans for creating and supporting art 

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